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Third Eye

Flash Warning !

Media: Animated Video

Software: Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Procreate, GarageBand

Published on: Youtube


  Third Eye is an Animation Project which explores the impact of Technology and Social Media Monetisation of the Human Experience, and how it affects society, behaviour and morality. I wanted to visualise a world where people have taken an obsession with monetising their lives at any given opportunity to an extreme, something we may be well on our way to becoming. 

    My animation focuses on the life of a young girl living in a world with a LENS, a social media feed connected to cameras surgically implanted into their foreheads, creating a constant live feed of users' lives for the world to witness, all for the sake of collecting Hearts, a form of currency.

Copywriting - Plot:

  Created by a multimillion dollar tech company and kickstarted into popularity by a people-pleaser politician, the LENS becomes a tool for the select few to monetise their lives in hopes of fame and fortune. With this explosion of content available, creators can become desperate in the worst possible ways.

  I decided to portray this Speculative Fiction in as an Animation for various reasons. I wanted a clear, timeline-driven narrative which would be easy for viewers to understand, while also making use of ‘show not tell’ and maintaining a level of subtlety. I wanted to insert some details about this world without outright spelling it out, and I thought the best way to do that was by animating these details into the background, which would allow viewers to go back and look closer.  

Character Design and Storyboarding:
SpecFic_Original_Sketches 2.png
SpecFic_Original_Sketches 3.png
Illustration and Animation:
Post-Production: Sound Design and Final Thoughts
Heart and Soul Edit

      I used the chorus of Heart and Soul by Hoagy Carmicheal on repeat as the musical track, for its upbeat and uplifting notes, when edited in a loop gradually dropping in pitch and speed, could sound quite ominous, and be an ideal soundtrack for my work, emphasizing on the monotonous, routine lives that the character feels, living life on loop just trying to gain Hearts and views, even losing herself and her rights to privacy in the process. It is a dystopian society easily disguised by those in power as a utopia. 

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